Weekend of insanity: off to a good start

I started off my Friday with a dance class taught by my favorite instructor ever, stopped by Northwestern’s Block Museum (which strangely I never went to during my 4 years as an undergrad there) to see an exhibit on Prints and the Pursuit of Knowledge, which featured several anatomy prints that the nerd in me loved, got some work done at Starbucks, and then headed off to another LGBT ally training session for my graduate assistantship. Afterward I met up with a friend from my program, got some more admissions work done, and we started talking through our learning and teaching paper that’s due on Monday. When I came back home I started feeling sick, so now I’m drinking ginger ale, got some more admissions work done, and have every intention of reading Mockingjay¬†until I pass out. I have an early day tomorrow.

From the exhibit:

(forgive the blurry/tilted picture…no photography is allowed inside so I snuck a picture on my way out from between the doors)